33 and Counting

Indonesia. Breathtakingly beautiful. At least at the Four Seasons in Bali where we stayed. So beautiful (as seen from my villa in the photo), I didn’t leave the hotel property for the short 48 hours we were in the country. And Indonesia, it turns out, is the... read more

The Mysteries Continue

Easter island. Remote does not even begin to describe this fascinating island. The closest inhabited island is Pitcairn Island with 50 inhabitants located 1300 miles away. Mainland Chile is over 2,100 miles, a 6 hour plane ride. Yet it boasts one of the longest... read more

52 Million Gallons of Water

Panama. It is hard for me to comprehend 52 million gallons of water. But it is the amount of water required to move one ship (just one) through the lock system of the Panama Canal. With approximately 40 ships going thru each day, 365 days a year, just do the math. A... read more

Around the World in 22 Days

Miami/FT Lauderdale . Arriving at our kicking off spot for the jet trip around the world, I am vacillating between being totally terrified (I mean what was I thinking about signing up for a trip with 23 people I don’t know) and feeling completely exhilarated... read more

And What Time is Checkout?

Denver. Strolling through the Botanical gardens, this interesting wood cabinet caught my eye. On further investigation, it turns out to be a hotel. For bugs! Why in the world would you want to have a place for insects to camp out? Well, where else do they stay in... read more

A Penny for Your Thoughts.

Florida. So what in the world is my dog thinking as I take this picture? Gibbs, my 15 month old Havanese, has a mind of his own, often not agreeing with me. In fact I keep reminding him, he is the dog and I am the person. It doesn’t always work. But what do we... read more

Where Do the Hummingbirds Go?

North Carolina. I had forgotten how wonderful hummingbirds are to watch so I was delighted to see one yesterday. They are the smallest bird in the world and the only ones that can actually hover in midair, fly backwards, sideways and upside down. Now that is cool!... read more

Mushroom Clubs?

North Carolina. Spotting these cool orange mushrooms on a recent walk in Tryon, NC, I wonder are they are edible? What is their name and do people actually eat mushrooms they find in the wild? With over 14,000 species of mushroom, I may never figure out what these... read more

To Ride or Not?

Thailand. So I am contemplating how to get on Bounma, my elephant, without passing out with fear. Breathe. I keep telling myself. Just breathe. But one thought which never occurred to me as I was climbing up on my gentle giant, is it fair to the elephant to ride her?... read more

Farmed or Wild?

Australia. The view of a salmon farm from our single engine plane high above the waters of Tasmania looks pretty cool and well, pristine. So why when I ask theĀ  restaurant server “is the salmon farmed or wild” do I order something else if the answer is... read more

A Vixen by Any Other Name

Florida. Pretty cool to walk out your door and see not one, but two red foxes. In Palm Beach? Next to my house? But are they vixens (females) or reynards (males) or one of each? What neat names and even better scrabble words! I never knew a female fox was called a... read more

A Full Moon and Honey Bees?

Africa. So what do a full moon and honey bees have in common? Elephants, of course. Really? Well they are both crop deterrents to elephants. As elephants and humans compete for scarce land and water resources, they come into conflict, sometimes with fatal results. But... read more