33 and Counting

33 and Counting

Indonesia. Breathtakingly beautiful. At least at the Four Seasons in Bali where we stayed. So beautiful (as seen from my villa in the photo), I didn’t leave the hotel property for the short 48 hours we were in the country.

And Indonesia, it turns out, is the 33rd country I have visited around the world. So how many more countries do I need to see in order to have been to every country? And who even keeps track of what defines a country?

According to the United Nations, who seems to be the main authority, there are 193. The US State department says 195. England and Scotland are not considered countries since they are part of Great Britain, Greenland is part of Denmark (news to me) yet Vatican City is a country.

Ask the Olympic Committee, the World Soccer League, the World Atlas folks and you come up with different answers. But whatever the number, I have a lot to go (about 160 by my reckoning). Yet, as you read this, I will have added India to my list of places visited. So one more my country under my belt. 34 and counting!