A Vixen by Any Other Name

A Vixen by Any Other Name

Florida. Pretty cool to walk out your door and see not one, but two red foxes. In Palm Beach? Next to my house? But are they vixens (females) or reynards (males) or one of each? What neat names and even better scrabble words!

I never knew a female fox was called a vixen, also the name for a quarrelsome, shrewish or malicious woman. Interesting that a woman can be referred to as a real fox or quiet a vixen with totally different meanings.

Foxes are known as clever and cunning while also able to run 30 miles an hour and climb trees. Really! And historical records show foxes have been around since at least 350 BC when references are made to Alexander the Great hunting them.

So I was surprised to learn foxes are listed as one of the top 100 worst invasive species in the world, right up there with malaria mosquitos and the yellow crazy ant (the what?). Hard to believe these cute guys or gals could make such a list as they are welcome in my neighborhood any time!