Being Present

Being Present

Bali, Indonesia. I am always amazed at how much I don’t know. While I have traveled the world fairly extensively, I always find new fascinating things. Whether 5 miles from home, in my backyard or thousands of miles away, there is a whole world out there if I just pick my head up, look around and be present.

Checking into my amazing room in Bali, I couldn’t help but notice a very weird looking fruit on the plate in my room. It was brown with scales and looked like a baby armadillo. Do you eat this thing, I wondered?

Well it turns out to be salak or snake fruit. Sadly, I never took time to eat one which was my loss since they are packed with nutrition and are supposed to taste both sweet and acidic. And why would I not try one? Because I got busy with other things, life got in the way, all the cliches I can think of come to mind.

So next time, I will stop and experience a new wonder. I may never have the chance again. Taking a photo is great, but tasting and experiencing life is even better! Life’s moments only come once and then they are gone forever. My New Year’s resolution? Being fully present.