Modern vs Contemporary Art

Modern vs Contemporary Art


West Palm Beach. I don’t pretend to understand modern art. In fact, until this morning, I don’t remember ever reading a definition of it. According to Wikipedia, it is art created from the 1860’s (including Impressionists like Matisse, Van Gogh and Seurat) until the 1970s. Van Gogh, a modern artist? I had no idea.

In the modern art era, artists threw away old traditions of viewing the world and used new techniques and fresh ideas to look at things differently. So what is Contemporary Art and is it the same as Modern Art? Generally it is art created since World War II by still living artists so there can be overlap between the two.

Take the disc in this photo made by Jacopo Foggini, exhibited at Whitespace in West Palm Beach. He uses methacrylite, an industrial material used in making automobile lights, to create sculptures, chairs, lights and tables. In all sorts of cool colors. His works are considered Contemporary art as he is still very much alive. And I love it.

So much to learn in this fascinating world. And to think I have just discovered there is Modern and Contemporary art I like. Including Van Gogh, O’Keeffe and now, Foggini. Just amazing!