Takefumi or Fumitake?

Takefumi or Fumitake?


Korea. Flying from Atlanta to Seoul, Korea takes about 14 hours (coming home it took about 15). About half way thru our flight one of the flight attendants pulled out a piece of rounded bamboo and set it on the floor. She invited us to walk over it to massage our feet. Really? I had never seen this done. And on an airplane. Cool.

Well it turns out, it is very common in Japan, China and Korea. Most households and many schools have a piece of bamboo called a takefume or fumitake (apparently it goes by both names since ta-ke means bamboo in Japanese and fumi means to step on). You step on it, rocking your foot back and forth and it feels divine.

As legend goes, it was invented by the Samurai on long travels by foot. At night when they stopped to rest, they would cut a piece of bamboo from the side of the road and roll their feet on it to alleviate soreness. What a concept. Modern reflexology!

So simple. And Eco friendly since bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. So where do I get one? Well, not so fast. After numerous web searches, I can’t find a single one for sale. Not one, except a rubber one with nubs in bright neon. So the search is on. If you come across one, let me know. As an instant stress reliever and massager, why would you not have one?