A New Superfood?

A New Superfood?

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New Zealand. Green Lipped Mussels. Very pretty and it turns out really good for you, too. Unfortunately they are endemic to New Zealand, meaning they only grow in the coastal waters of New Zealand. No where else. They are, however, exported to many countries including the U.S.


If you have a dog and feed him/her Greenies, then you may be enhancing your dog’s diet with powdered green lipped muscles. The Joint Care Greenies are made from the mussels and have been shown in studies to help alleviate signs of arthritis in dogs. Cool!


And if they help our dogs, wouldn’t the same go for us humans? Well, yes. In limited studies, freeze dried green lipped mussels have helped people with improved joint mobility and pain (you can buy them in capsules and no, this is not a recommendation for them). They are very high in Omega 3 and may rival fish oil some day.


But the great thing about these mussels-they are one of the most environmentally friendly of any food we can eat. They are grown from wild spat (mussel seed harvested from seaweed washed up on the beach) on long ropes suspended in the ocean. They eat plankton so no feed is needed and they have zero impact on our environment. So next time you are in a restaurant, look for these beautiful, healthy for you mussels. I know I will!