Happy Sea Glass

Happy Sea Glass


Thailand.  Walking the beach in Thailand, I found one piece of sea glass and some really cool shells. That was enough to celebrate! For those of us hooked on collecting sea glass, each found piece is a new discovery. So a piece from Thailand. I was jumping with joy!

Collecting sea glass (any weathered glass found on the beach or inland waterway) is popular around the world. In the US, there is a an online magazine, Sea Glass Journal, an association, North American Sea Glass Association, and even an annual festival in Virginia. Who would have thought?

So what is the rarest color? Well it is orange (a color I have never seen) found in 1 out of 10,000 pieces. Brown, kelly green and white are the most common. And the color comes from the original use of the glass; a bottle, jar, plate, or window… And some, as you can see from the photo of pieces I have found in Palm Beach, have writing.

Vacation places are even advertised as having good sea glass collecting. Maybe something to check out as you are making your vacation plans. And why collect it? Because, on just a very basic level, it makes us happy. And it is free, good exercise and fun. So see you on the beach and happy collecting.