Dense but Very green

IMG_0627Singapore. Looking at one of 3 scale models of the city/country of Singapore, I was awed by the amount of green space. While Singapore is the second most densely populated country in the world, almost 50% of its land is dedicated to parks and other green space.

We visited the Urban Redevelopment Authority to see the city from a different perspective, a 1: 5,000 scale model which was very cool. The models are used for urban planning and development which is particularly important in a country with only 272 square miles.

And Singapore has won many awards for their urban planning. So many, in fact, they now sell their urban development expertise to other countries such as Dubai, Brazil, Qatar and Oman (not sure where all these countries are located but they sound pretty exotic).

So not only is Singapore one of the cleanest cities/countries in the world (and while you don’t get caned for littering, the fine was just increased to $410 US dollars for improperly disposing of your trash), it is also one of the best planned. And safest. And greenest. My, my. Do I see a move in the future?