IMG_1091Bermuda. Is it called caving, spelunking or potholing? Depends where you live. In the US and Canada, caving is known as spelunking (which is really one of the coolest words ever) and in the UK and Ireland, it is known as potholing (not such a cool word).

Caving involves exploring caves (brilliant) which are some of the most fragile and rarest environments on Earth. Recreational caving differs from other sports in that it is intentionally not publicized to ensure individuals don’t abuse caves due to ignorance or disregard.

Many species found in caves exist only in that single cave. InĀ  Bermuda, over 25 cave species are critically endangered meaning they have a 50% chance of extinction if nothing is done. Wow, I had no idea. So what can we do to protect our caves? Learn about our environment.

Knowledge is power. Even on the cave tour I joined, people had thrown coins into the pools to make a wish. Unbeknownst to me, the copper in pennies deteriorates rapidly causing toxic copper ions that pollute the water. Had I known, I would have said something to the tour guide. Now that would have made for an interesting dialogue!