Water Conservation Using White Roofs


Bermuda. The only fresh water source in Bermuda is rainfall. There are no streams or lakes. So how is rain water collected?

From the roofs. Which is why all the roofs on Bermuda buildings are white. Bermuda law requires every household collect 80% of the rain that falls on the roof. The white paint on the roof tiles is a nontoxic material applied every 2-3 years which keeps the rain water as clean as possible as it is channeled off the roof into cisterns. Very civilized.

And what a great idea! Why doesn’t everyone collect rainwater. Well, in the US, it is illegal in 9 states. What? Illegal? But in some states it is a law you must collect rain. You have to be kidding.

So if you live in Utah, Oregon or Washington you have no right to the precipitation (rain or snow) that falls on your property. It is publicly owned. Yet if you live in Texas, you are incentivized to buy rain water collection equipment and in Arizona, most new buildings are required to install rain catchment systems. Very confusing and absolutely crazy.