Bermuda Karsts


Bermuda. Having never heard of a karst until visiting Thailand, I was excited to learn there are karsts in Bermuda. Not only karsts, but caves. Filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

On a quick business trip to Bermuda last week, standing in the Customs line, I watched a video on the caves and cave animals living in Bermuda. Caves in Bermuda? I have been to Bermuda 12-15 times and never heard of caves. It just goes to show what happens when we look around us to experience life.

A karst is formed when water sinks into limestone forming peaks, caves and sinkholes. And Bermuda has one of the largest concentrations of caves in the world with over 150 caves. Really!

This is Crystal Cave with an underground walkway through the cave. Our guide told us stalactites always go down (an elderly lady told him the tights are always down. I don’t know if she meant hers but it has helped me remember it). The¬†stalagmites grow up and a column is where they meet in the middle. How very cool.