A Karst?

A Karst?


Thailand. Traveling to the southwest corner of Thailand, we flew into Krabi. The waters around Krabi and Phuket, about a 2 hour drive between the 2 cities, is known as the best all season sailing waters in the world. On a private longboat ride we were able to visit some of the numerous limestone karsts (a great scrabble word) in the Andaman Sea, located off the southwest coast of Thailand.

A karst is a unique landscape found all over the world, including in Indiana (go figure), formed by the underground erosion of rocks such as limestone. And these are indeed limestone karsts.

This area of the world has no winter and ¬†an average temperature of 82 degrees for both the water and air temperature. There are no hurricanes or typhoons (this place is looking better and better), however….. Isn’t there always a but?

The 2004 tsunami devastated the entire region which lies on the ring of fire where 90% of the world’s earthquakes occur. Oh my. We didn’t see signs of the devastation and I am very glad I didn’t read about it in detail until we got home, but it is a real threat. Funny, no one mentioned it at the resort we stayed. Hmmm.