A Symbol of Friendship and Pretty Tasty, Too

A Symbol of Friendship and Pretty Tasty, Too


Thailand. What better snack while on a long boat off the coast of Thailand than a berry, I mean a pineapple? Actually a pineapple is a cluster of berries fused to  a central stalk. This particular pineapple happens to be the best I have ever eaten and we ate the whole thing between 2 of us.


And it turns out the pineapple is incredibly healthy. Not only does it help with digestion, arthritis, asthma, and blood circulation, it helps prevent scurvy and most important, worm infestations. So there you have it. The pineapple is also great as a natural detox and is low in calories. My kind of food.


But they are challenging to grow. The plant takes 2 years to produce a fruit, only one fruit is produced a year and only 2 fruits are produced in the life of the plant. The perennial plant is then plowed under and the process starts again. Hawaii is the only US state to produce pineapples, hence the expense.


Long known as a symbol of hospitality and friendship, the pineapple shows up in all sorts of interesting places. On furniture, hats (think Carmen Miranda), and even adorning the top of the Men’s Singles trophy at Wimbledon. So keep your eyes open. You just might see a pineapple where you least expect it.