So What is your Buddha Pose?

So What is your Buddha Pose?


Bangkok. Next to the Grand Palace, where the murder of the king took place, is Wat Po, a Buddhist temple which is home to the reclining Buddha. In addition to the 160 foot long reclining Buddha, the outer cloister of the temple houses over 400 sitting Buddha’s.


What is fascinating to me, each Buddha is slightly different. Notice the placement of the hands and the width of the heads. Different. Each posture has a particular significance in the life of Buddha, many of which resemble yoga poses. Coincidence?


And in Thailand, there is a unique pose for each day of the week. Some Buddha poses are standing, some sitting and even one is reclining. And Wednesday has 2, one before noon and one after noon. With only 3 seasons and yet 8 poses for a week, it seems Thailand beats to a completely different time clock.


So, depending on the day of the week you were born, you have your own pose. Mine (I was born on a Friday) is a standing Buddha with arms crossed in contemplation. Hmmm. Not sure what that says about me. What is yours?